Body lotion or body butter?

Several people have told us that they do not know exactly when to use body butter or body lotion. Read our latest blog entry and you will find out which one you need to use.

So body butter or body lotion? 

If you also get lost in the world of moisturizing and skin friendly body lotion products easily, now we can help you to decide which is the ‘one’ for you.

When do you need to use body lotion?

Body lotion is often called body milk. It is very popular as it has a light, watery texture. It is easy to use as it absorbs into the skin quickly, while due to its herbal ingredient content it has a deep moisturizing effect. It is recommended not only for dry skin but it also an ideal choice for normal skin as it is very soft.

When do you need to use body butter?

Body butter is different from body lotion mainly because of its viscosity. It is a thick and creamy moisturizing cream that warms up because of the warmth of the body and then it absorbs into the skin. We put a high concentration of shea butter and cocoa butter into our body butter products. They soothe the skin and have moisturizing and regenerating effects, so do the added essential oils. Body butter products of high quality are excellent alternatives for hand creams and foot creams. We can apply them on the face in cold and windy weather as they provide protection.

We hope we could help you and you can decide which skin care product you would like to use.

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